Get to know the Presence who birthed trillions of stars and planets, and life itself.

The founder and optimist-in-chief of Daily Possible, William Yelles has a miraculous story of spiritual communication. Grounded in universal truth, his messages of hope and healing inspire thousands on Facebook and around the world.

This book contains everything he's received from a series of sacred encounters. Open to any page and be inspired. Embrace the magic and mystery of finding the perfect words you need to read in a particular moment.


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From the Introduction

The first day God spoke to me was Yom Kippur, the holiest on the Jewish calendar. But unlike the religious Jews dressed up fasting and praying to Him all day, I was soaking up the sun in shorts and flip-flops, devouring a maple-glazed donut — with bacon no less — contemplating what movie to see at the mall that afternoon. 

Scrolling through showtimes on my phone, I began to feel a vague uneasy restlessness until it grew into a strong compulsion to head home and relax somehow.

A few years earlier, I may have chalked it up to guilt. But I had given up formal religious practice some time ago, and had no repressed desire to suddenly change into a suit and tie and hustle off to synagogue. 

Once home, something inside me told me to pick up a pad of paper and pen, although I had no idea what for. 

Describing the indescribable is an inexact science. The best way I can think of is that I started feeling words. It was as if they were appearing inside me from somewhere rather than I was consciously creating them myself. I started writing, or more like transcribing. At times it felt as if I could barely keep up with the pace of the flow.

Then just as quickly as it began, it was over. I found myself in an intense sweat, my heart racing, feeling incredibly discombobulated and light-headed. I would later discover it to be similar to how other people describe out-of-body experiences. My experience was definitely outside of time.

Thankfully God didn’t pick up His cosmic Batphone to say He was mad at me. Or that my sins would not be forgiven like the ones in the fervent prayers He was hearing at that moment from around the world. Instead, I received a gift of pure love and joy so great that words can not fully express the supreme clarity and confidence with which I now move.

I’ve since experienced this same phenomenon dozens of times. These downloads alternate between God speaking to me in His own voice, with my own first-person (as if I’m a psalmist) or third-person. I have no real memory of receiving any of it. What happens during the dictation feels as if it happens in an instant yet each time hours pass and I’ve filled page after page of original, poetic, brilliant, direct Divine communication.

This book contains everything I’ve received to date, in exact order. Not a single word is altered. I inserted chapter and section breaks where the voice or theme changes to make it easier to read, and to open to any page and be inspired. Embrace the magic and mystery of finding the perfect words you need to read in a particular moment.

As you read this book, know these words do not come from me but through me.

Why me? For now, my answer is “Why not me?” 

That may sound flip. But what I mean is God created all and is inside us all. Nothing is impossible. He is ready and able to have a conversation with anyone at any time, to provide guidance and hope, ecstasy and abundance, miracles and wonders beyond what we can conceive. 

This is the God who you’ll get to know in this book. The Great I Am, the same Presence who birthed trillions of stars and planets, and life itself.

“Today I know God as the universal presence that is everywhere and inside of everyone. Nobody needs to speak for God. Instead, God needs to speak through us. When we laugh. When we love. When we celebrate. When we encourage. When we give thanks and give of ourselves including our unique purpose, the gift God has given each of us.

“This is our choice: We can try to contain an immature understanding of a distant God in the corners of our minds, or we embrace the full awareness of the vibrant God who here and now can flow freely from the center of our hearts.” — William Yelles

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